I am both a Lifestyle and Professional Dominant working from private and discreet fully equipped high end dungeons in Downtown Los Angeles, San Diego, and wherever My frequent travels take Me. I am a highly skilled Player and adhere strictly to safe, sane and consensual BDSM practice.

Human sexuality and sensuality have always been a big part of My psychological fascinations, and exploring them and what turns people on is in fact a turn on to Myself. I appreciate people who are willing to dig deep within themselves to discover who they are… and with even greater reward, helping them get there. I want to get inside your head and give you one of the most erotic BDSM experiences to which you’ve ever succumb.

Standing at a height of 5′ 10″ barefoot I have a naturally Dominant stature. I am a Sensual Sadist. I like pain. I enjoy pushing envelopes, boundaries, and thresholds. Tears, screams and moans give Me great pleasure. However, I am not just a Sadist. My styles of play are vast and versatile, and I also enjoy playing on the lighter side as well. 

I love to engage in intimate visual contact and to guide My subs/bottoms to submission non-verbally either by the look in My eyes or the force of My body.  I genuinely love BDSM and bring that sincerity with Me into My scenes.